Apple Updates: Mobile Me, OSX 10.5.6 etc


Mobile MeGood news everyone! Apple finally released the OSX Leopard 10.5.6 update which should have been pushed out sometime yesterday for you. Apple Insider has the lowdown on the full list of changes. Updates in the graphics for Core Animation in things like iTunes are good, always nice to have speedier Apps. I run an iPhone and a MacBook Pro and so I also use Apple’s Mobile Me package to sync up data between the two, as well as using the 20gb of webspace. What has always bugged users of this service is that the “Push Notification” ability wasn’t really Pushing data from the server when required, only every 15 minutes or with a manual sync.

Reading inbetween the lines from this TheAppleBlog post, this has now been brought down to a minute for items such as Contacts, calendar dates etc. but other items have also changed. With the up-to-the-minute updates the use on the servers will likely increase, so to counteract this Apple have set data such as Mail notes to hourly updates and Personal settings such as Dock items, Dashboard widgets etc. are every 8 hours. Interesting change but realistically the average user won’t change these particularly regularly so a longer sync time is adequate.

Apple also pushed out a large security update with this, including patches for a few of the more nasty exploits seen around. Mostly local access stuff, but the Flash plugin security patch doesn’t leave me particularly happy with Adobe…

Another update on a less-fun note is that once again, the latest security update also breaks the iPhone Jailbreaking Pwnage apps. I do jailbreak my iPhone although only for 3rd party apps and themes. (I’m pretty happy with my O2 contract, I get a decent discount as well as I work for John Lewis.) Basically means that if I have to restore my iPhone I’ll have to wait for an update from the “Dev Team”. Such is life. The ars.technica article has more in-depth details on this, if you’re all tech-savvy and stuff.

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