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Just updated to the latest WordPress 2.7 beta, which is very exciting. Figured I’d wait a bit as I’d be using it on my primary blog- don’t want the thing crashing on me while I’m mid-sent…

The obvious first difference is the new Dashboard, which has a much nicer sidebar layout rather than a Nav-bar at the top. All the sections can be closed/opened when needed to save space which is nice. Very Mac. I like. Also looks like Carrington and my various Plugins all work nicely, although it would be nice to have the Delete Cache link that WP-Cache puts at the top back…

The new “QuickPress” posting box on the Dashboard (which is what I’m writing from at the moment to test) is very neat- it’s limited to the source view (no wysiwyg here) but I guess that’s fine if you’re just doing quick updates. Might be added in the final version, who knows. Seems that adding Images via it is a bit broken (it put it at the bottom rather than where my cursor is) but again, I expect those are minor trivial problems. All fun anyway.

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